Sunday, 6 November 2011

Week 12

Ok so this will be the last post for this course. This week we are looking at Security, privacy and IP.

Question 1 -
See if you can find an example of a privacy breach that was reported in the Australian or international news in the last 6 months. What were the consequences? i.e. legal, political, financial, personal etc. What action was taken in response to the privacy breach?

Well I'm am guessing that every one in the class will be talking about the same thing for this question. The News International Phone Hacking Scandal has been one of the biggest examples of breaches of privacy of our time.
Staff of the Newspaper were accused of Hacking into the phone message banks of celebrities, politicians and the Royal Family as well as relatives of solders killed in Afghanistan and families of victims of crime. The news paper then published stories about the people using the private content of their messages.
As a consequence there was an inquiry into the scandal, people lost their jobs, people high up in the news paper resigned and the whistle blower Sean Hoare was found dead in "unexplained circumstances (S, Rogers & K, Pedersen, 2011) for a comprehensive timeline and compleate overview of the whole scandle click here and you can see The Gaurdian's coverage of the scandle.

Some of the main consequences of the scandal included:
  • the aressts of seinior staff
  • the resignation of staff
  • the death of the whistle blower
  • the closing of the news paper after 168 years of publication (S, Rogers & K, Pedersen, 2011) 
  • huge financial losses for the company 
Bellow is some footage of the inquiry being announced to parliament.


S, Rogers & K, Pedersen (2011, July 21). Phone hacking: what happened when? Visualised [interactive timeline table] The Guardian. Retrieved from

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